Let me introduce to you my dear Friend and Partner Dr. What's on.
He spots heat on every feet and swings his camera faster than this comwboy guy's shadow. Because he is always up to date he delivers you news and rumors about upcoming releases.
Private Collection

My name is David Swoosh, I am an fanatic sneaker-lover based in Germany. Sneakers always played a big part in my life. Not only just collecting shoes but also the hunt for grails and exclusives is what I love and live for. In this ‚Private Collection‘ section you will get a look into my closet. It will be updated frequently with various kind of shoes.

Retail Stock

Visit our shop section to see our retail stock. There you can find mostly sneakers, with a wide range of exclusives, collaborations and also general releases. We are happy to pass over some pairs to you, which found on our consistent hunt for new pairs. Also don’t be shy to shoot us an offer for certain pair or bundles!

Global Network

We are happy to have a steady growing network of collectors, retailers and other people. Connected through conventions, events or social media we can track down all kinds of brands, silhouettes and editions. Get in contact to start the search for your holy grail.

Finding holy grails is all we live for Get yours

Private Collection.

These are some random examples from the private collection section. As we are starting with this project obviously there are a lot more in my collection. It will be updated frequently.
So stay tuned, get inspired and always remember: 
What i could get my hands on we will be happy to do the same for you.

our team

Me and my crew teamed up to share our love and help other people to get their hands on the shoes they want. Together we can track down various silhouettes and editions of almost all brands. Dr. What’s On shows you which shoes are currently rocked on the streets. Covering exhibitions and releases you will get to see some nice gems. Don’t hesitate to say Hi if you see us and we will share a drink.

David Swoosh

CEO I Founder

Phil König

Sneaker Hunter I Sales Director

Marius Comanns

Creative Director I Founder

You want to check one of yours? Let us help!